Life is Good


Life is a journey that is comprised of a variety of circumstances, situations, and experiences. We all experience a mix of joy and sorrow, elation and disappointment, the expected and unexpected, and good and bad.

In spite of the obstacles, bumps, and detours, the journey is a good one. You have awesome potential. Within you is the capacity to successfully navigate throughout your journey.

You have the ability to improve and grow throughout your life. You can learn from your mistakes, change course as needed and liberate yourself from your past. You are free to chose your thoughts and determine the habits you develop.

Life is good because you have the freedom to get whatever you want from it. There are no limitations imposed on you. If you are not happy with your situation, you can change it. If you feel you are on the wrong track, you can alter directions. When you find your calling, you can focus your energy and efforts on it.

Life is good because we have a gift of abundance. There is no shortage of food, shelter, and clothing. Many amenities are readily available. You have more choices and options than at any other time in history.

But if life is so good, why do some people struggle? One reason is that we get spoiled. We have a continual appetite for more without fully appreciating what we already have. We get jealous of others and compare ourselves to some external standard.

Another reason is the affliction of negative thinking. Believing that life is bad, there are no opportunities, there is never enough, and that there are limitations, create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t see potential, there is no chance of realizing it.

Movies, TV, newspapers, and magazines depict fantasy lifestyles, that when compared to our own lives, can cause people to feel inadequate or unfulfilled. When this happens, our focus shifts from how much we really have to a perception of lack when compared to fantasy portrayed as reality.

There is always room for personal growth and improvement. Yet many people focus on external acquisitions as a way to gauge the quality of life. This is a real shame because it causes people to live a life of dissatisfaction rather than being thankful for how good their life actually is.

Every day is a good day. If you doubt this, try skipping a one. Some days have more challenges than others. All challenges have solutions, and all problems fade with time. No one’s life is perfect but everyone has the freedom to overcome obstacles.

There are many world events that cause stress and concern. Yet life is still good. If you don’t think life is good, you will feel depressed. In a depressed state of mind, your ability to achieve your goals and solve problems is greatly diminished. Living in a negative state for an extended period of time creates a downward spiral that builds its own momentum. So a belief in the goodness of life provides you with an abundance of advantages.

Help yourself realize the good in your life by helping others to find the good in their lives. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is by giving someone else a mental boost. When you help another person to feel happy you can’t help but feel happy yourself.

I’ve just scratched the surface in mentioning the basics that make life good. There’s no doubt that you can find a long list of good things in your situation. Focus on the good and you charge your batteries. Focus on the negative and you deplete your energy and taint your outlook.

Make an inventory of all that is good in your life. Often people are surprised by how much richer they are than they realized. Review your inventory frequently to remind yourself of the good you have.

© 2004 Bryan Golden