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Bryan’s popular, nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column, Dare to Live Without Limits, is avidly read and elicits a steady flow of enthusiastic comments from its loyal followers.

This column provides you with examples and illustrations of the numerous ways you can take positive control of your life. To counter the constant onslaught of negative news and events, Bryan seeks to provide a focus on the good in life.

The column shows the power that you actually have over the quality of your life. You will learn techniques and see examples of how others have used these simple methods to triumph over adversity, stress, and misfortune.

If your local newspaper doesn’t carry his column, ask the editor to contact Bryan. If you are an editor or publisher and would like to add your publication to the rapidly growing roster of newspapers that print this avidly read column, contact Bryan today.

These are some examples of the Dare to Live Without Limits column.

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